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Prospective Tenants

Is there an application fee?

Yes! Application fees are $45.00 for every applicant over the age of 18.

What is also required when I turn in my application?

We ask for you to bring in a copy of your driver’s license, and two of your most recent pay stubs from your current job, a completed application, copy of renters insurance (if applicable), a hold fee if you want us to take the property off of the market and any other pertinent information needed to complete your application.

When you are looking over my application, what main areas do you check?

We look at credit score, criminal history, sex offender verification, social security number verification, nation wide eviction check, past rental history, current and past employment history, pet application, etc. and the actual person. Honesty is the best policy. We will be contacting previous employers, landlords/owners and references for your sake and ours. This is a part of our intricate tenant screening process.

When is rent due?

Rent is due on the first of each and every month, and is late on the fourth day.

Are there any late fees?

Yes. After the third of each month, you are charged a fee $50.00 initial late fee and $10.00 per day after that for each day it is late.

Do you allow pets?

Yes. Pets are on approval and per property. Pet deposits may vary, starting at $250 per pet. Pets are subject to pet rent, a minimum of $25 per pet and/or nonrefundable pet fees. (restrictions-limits:)

**if the property you are applying to allows pets or you have a service/companion animal, your animal will have to be screened through prior to your pet being approved, delay in screening your pet will delay your application. Pet Screening is done through a third party and is mandatory as part of the application process.

Is there a security deposit on your rentals?

Yes, your deposit is typically the same amount as rent for most cases. Some cases will require a higher deposit.

Do I need Renters Liability Insurance?

Yes, Renters Liability Insurance is required. If you do not provide us with your own, we will provide it for you for $9.50 a month added on top of your rent.Our renters liability insurance does not cover your personal belongings.

What is needed from me prior to move in?

Your full rent, pro-rated rent if applicable, your full security deposit, pet rent and pet fee’s if applicable, utility transfer confirmation numbers, and your lease must be signed.

Where do I pay my rent?

You can pay your rent online for FREE via your tenant portal with an e-check.

You can pay your rent online with a Credit Card via your tenant portal. (credit card processing fees apply)

You can pay cash at 7 Eleven or CVS with your tenant provided pay-slip.

How do I submit a repair request?

You can go to our website and submit your request through your tenant portal, email us or call the 24/7 Maintenance and emergency line.

Who can I call in case of an emergency?

Call the 24/7 Maintenance and emergency line immediately. Please attempt to stop any damage if possible. If someone is hurt please dial 911 first.

Can I get another roommate?

You can, depending on your property and situation. There are a few things we require; they must complete a rental application, complete a roommate addition/release addendum if they are coming in at the middle of the lease and possibly an additional deposit from them. Also rent could change depending on owner preference.

Can I smoke in the house or in the garage?

No. Smoking is not allowed inside any of our properties.

What happens to my security deposit at the end of my lease?

If you have left your unit in the same condition it was in when you first moved in, or better, minus any normal wear and tear, you may be rewarded with your full deposit back. If you return the property professionally cleaned, carpets professionally cleaned and no damage, you will only be charged for an inspection and re-key. We love giving tenants their deposits back as this means you took great care of our property.

Can I move out whenever I want? If I need to end my lease early, what is the process? Is there a lease-break fee?

In order to give us proper notice you must first turn in a 30 day notice to vacate in writing. This could, all things considered, possibly break your lease and help you to get the security deposit returned quicker, if any is to be returned. We have a form that you can fill out with us in office as well called “30 Day Notice to Vacate”. We can email or fax this to you as well. If you are breaking your lease, there is a $1,000 lease break fee and you are also responsible for any and all vacancy time, utilities, etc. In most cases there is about a 1-3 week vacancy time.

Tenant Guidelines